Costco Travel: A Guide to Smart Vacation Planning

Costco Travel

Costco Travel – The Best Way to Save on Vacations, Cruises and Hotel Reservations

Costco may come to mind as a membership warehouse offering great discounts on household essentials and groceries, but did you know they also provide travel services?

Costco Travel provides exclusive member offers and diverse travel options, making them an excellent resource for booking your next vacation getaway. Here are five reasons you should book through them.

Vacation Packages

Costco may conjure images of bulk packs of peanut butter and toilet paper, but it also serves as an exceptional travel agency with amazing deals. Their in-house travel program specializes in packaged hotels, cruises, and rental cars that you can book simultaneously to save time and money!

Packaged travel offers typically include round-trip airfare, hotel stay, and meals to popular global destinations like African safaris or guided vacations tailored for families, couples, or solo travelers.

Searching for packages begins by providing your travel destination and dates, followed by entering special features like airport transfers or Costco shop cards that may be included with specific packages. A list of recommended trips, associated prices, and extras, such as airport transfers, will appear.

Some packages include activities, such as spa and restaurant credits. Although booking these activities separately would likely save time and money, booking the package might still result in higher costs for these activities.

Gold Star or Executive members can enjoy additional perks when booking vacation packages, such as free nights at Hawaii’s Hilton Waikoloa Village resort or free admission passes for AQUAVENTURE at Atlantis in the Bahamas.


Costco Travel offers quality trip packages at exceptional discounts, offering airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, and additional amenities that you can customize either online or via telephone.

Costco’s packaged cruise deals may not outshone other travel agencies or cruise lines regarding price; however, their value-adds often make them attractive. This might include onboard credits, other freebies, and Costco cash cards that can be refunded after use at warehouses or gas stations in their area.

Packages curated by travel specialists and customized to fit individual preferences are available from Costco exclusively, such as Kirkland Signature labeled cruises that provide discounts on lower cabin classes along with $200 shipboard credit, dinner for two at Chops Grill or Jamie’s Italian, dinner for four at Johnny Rockets and your choice of La Therapie hydrolift facial or Swedish massage treatment treatments.

Be wary when booking Kirkland Signature or Buyer’s Choice deals; these typically only apply to specific cabin classes or sailing dates and booking through Costco Travel won’t give you access to upgrade offers that cruise lines might provide directly – something first-time cruisers should keep in mind.

Rental Cars

American wholesale behemoth Costco, best known for its paper towels and Kirkland Signature private-label goods, also offers its members an in-house travel agency offering deals on rental cars, cruises, hotels, and theme park vacation packages. Some members consider this perk one of the main draws of being a Costco member!

Costco Travel provides four major car rental brands: Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. While other discount rental services only provide economy models, Costco offers an assortment of SUVs, luxury cars, and convertibles at the best possible rates – and boasts its low-price guarantee to guarantee you pay the exact rate you saw online at their counters.

Hotel + Car, offered by Costco Travel, allows customers to combine hotel accommodations and rental car needs into one easy, hassle-free package. In the United States alone, Alamo, Avis, and Budget rentals qualify for free additional drivers; the primary driver must be a Costco member.

According to Business Insider, Costco’s rental car program is one of the key reasons travelers renew their membership fees yearly. However, overall, its travel offerings don’t stack up against those from other booking sites – although its streamlined booking process and no cancellation fees make it attractive; additionally, members who use a rewards credit card for all travel purchases will earn 2% cash back!


Costco is well known for its warehouse stores that provide top-of-the-line products at highly competitive prices. Still, this wholesale retailer also boasts an expansive travel division that provides vacation packages, cruises, rental cars, and hotel reservations.

Costco Travel Team, comprised of “buying teams,” works to secure good deals for members by negotiating rates with pre-vetted providers and ensuring members get great value from these deals. Unlike traditional travel agents, purchasing teams do not work on commission.

Once you choose your trip and click Continue, a hotel snapshot will appear, including the total cost for booking, extras included, and property reviews. You can filter the results list based on the hotel chain, area amenities, or member reviews and even provide your Costco membership number to obtain its lowest available rate.

Note that Costco Travel bookings don’t count towards hotel loyalty points or elite status if they are for a specific hotel chain; to maximize points and benefits for future stays.

Costco Travel provides cancellation and refund policies like other online booking platforms; however, you may wish to purchase travel insurance through Costco’s Zurich partner that covers trip cancellation, emergency medical coverage, and lost luggage protection.

Theme Park Packages

Are You Planning on Attending a Theme Park and Looking to Save on Accommodation and Tickets? Costco Travel provides some excellent solutions. Ticket+Hotel packages can be purchased through their website, booths, or store desks – making purchasing easier!

Packages available through Universal Orlando include hotels on their resort and popular properties nearby, like Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. Package prices also include all applicable taxes. One of the most sought-after deals is the Universal Orlando Cabana Bay Beach Resort Package, which features two nights at this retro-inspired hotel, which is within walking distance from both Universal Studios Florida and Volcano Bay Water Park – including two 2-Day Park-to-Park tickets, plus three 3-Day Promo Ticket passes allowing access to all attractions within both parks.

Your hotel stay may include other perks depending on your selected package, such as resort-wide charging privileges or offering children free meals at select restaurants. Costco Travel’s website features an intuitive search tool for the best vacation deal possible.

Costco does not currently offer season passes to Universal Studios Hollywood; however, single-day tickets can be obtained through Get Away Today; this highly regarded ticket re-seller provides exceptional customer service and exclusive perks such as layaway plans.

The Costco Travel Advantage

Costco may conjure images of overrun aisles filled with bulk-size household products and snacks. Still, many people may be surprised to learn that Costco also offers a travel service that could save them money on vacations, flights, and rental cars – often offering better prices than significant competitors and providing additional perks like complimentary rental car insurance and trip cancellation coverage.

Costco Travel Service is run by buying teams — much like those responsible for building the Costco brand. These teams negotiate discounted rates and travel package deals with limited travel vendors and pass those savings to millions of Costco members.

Costco Travel offers competitive pricing with last-minute promotions and extras that other travel websites don’t include, in addition to having outstanding customer service that makes booking a trip easy by phone or online with assistance from real people.

One of the major selling points of Costco Travel is its flexibility. As long as the person paying is also not a member, they can purchase trips for anyone, even those not part of Costco’s membership, like husbands and wives purchasing honeymoon trips for each other through this service, or grandparents booking vacations to Walt Disney World for their grandchildren through Costco Travel.


Costco Travel is a reliable partner in realizing your travel dreams in the panorama of travel options. It’s more than a service; it’s a journey in itself, offering a spectrum of travel experiences, all underscored by the promise of value and exclusivity for its members. As you plan your next escape, whether a cruise to the unknown, an exploration of amusement parks, or a leisurely retreat, let Costco Travel guide you to a world where memories are crafted with care and splendor.

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As a Costco member for over five years, I’ve booked several vacations through their travel program and highly recommend it. From my personal experience, here are the top questions about Costco Travel:

  1. What does Costco Travel offer?

Costco Travel provides exclusive travel deals to Costco members. They have experts who handle everything from securing rental cars and flights to putting together vacation packages with bundled hotel stays, theme park tickets, tours, cruises, and more. It’s a one-stop shop catering to travel preferences like adventure getaways or luxury beach stays.

  1. Do I need a paid Costco membership to use Costco Travel?

Yes, Costco Travel can only be accessed by paid Costco members. But becoming a member is easy: You can sign up on their website or at any warehouse location for just $60 a year for the basic Gold Star Membership. Once you’re a member, you unlock all the Costco Travel perks and savings.

  1. What kinds of vacation packages are offered?

Packages are available for destinations worldwide, from all-inclusive Hawaii resort stays to European tours. Many bundle your hotel, flights, airport transfers, select meals, and activities. Others allow flexibility to customize aspects to your liking. Their experts help coordinate all pieces of your vacation.

  1. How does booking cruises work?

Booking a cruise with Costco Travel has been seamless in my experience. Their website allows you to filter cruise options by destination, departure port, cruise liner, price, etc. They offer exclusive member pricing and additional perks with specific cruise lines you won’t find booking elsewhere.

  1. Any tips for scoring deals?

Check back regularly for weekly travel sales and new offers. If you’re planning a more extended vacation, booking packages 6-12 months in advance locks in the lowest pricing. However, last-minute deals can offer significant savings, too, for more flexible travelers.

Please let me know if you have any other specific questions. I’m happy to share more insights from my trips using Costco Travel.

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