Gus Fried Chicken: From Small Town Secret to Fried Chicken Fame

Origin Story: Humble Beginnings in Mason, Tennessee

Gus Fried Chicken: It all started in 1973 in the small town of Mason, Tennessee, with a population of just a few hundred. This is where Wendy McCrory worked at her family’s local restaurant, cooking up her father Gus’s signature fried chicken using an old secret family recipe and cast iron pans. Gus had perfected his chicken frying craft over the years – smothering chicken parts in a special seasoned flour before frying in smoking hot grease to seal in juices and that distinctive flavor. While the simple recipe used essential ingredients, the exact portions, process, and unique blend of spices remain a closely guarded family secret.

Secret Recipe: A Closely Guarded Fam,ily Preparation

While Gus Fried Chicken remained, his secret chicken recipe lived on. The foundation is a well-guarded seasoning preparation combination known only to family members. Customers can instantly taste the legacy of Gus’s genius blending spices and flour to create that distinctive crunchy exterior that cracks to release flavorful steam. The fact that the recipe has stood the test of time without alteration is a testament to how perfectly Gus engineered his chicken frying alchemy in that small-town Mason kitchen all those years ago.

Spicy Flavor: Signature Lip-Burning Heat

That first bite of Gus Fried Chicken drumstick or thigh is a revelation – the crispy coating immediately gives way to tender, juicy meat amplified by a trademark spice blend. While the exact mix remains secret, the prominent heat comes from cayenne and other custom spices added to the breading to give it that signature Gus’s hot and spicy guarantee. The lingering burn on lips and tongue has become a legend among fried chicken connoisseurs who crave that perfect marriage of delicate crunch and lasting heat.

Generational Business: A Family Affair

Fried chicken may flow in the blood of Wendy McCrory and kin, who have turned their small family fare into a finger-licking empire, but remarkably, Gus’s remains a family business at heart. Wendy’s husband, Charlie, helped her expand the amazing recipe they slyly named after her father into a growing franchise. Although no longer involved in daily operations, the couple still contributes to significant decisions along with daughter Amy and son Nicholas, who share that same passion for quality and commitment to preserving Gus Fried Chicken legacy.

Expansion: From Local Favorite to National Sensation

Gus Fried Chicken World Famous Chicken started as a humble single restaurant in Memphis, where it quickly gained cult-like devotion as the best fried chicken in the city renowned for blues, barbecue, and birds. Fame soon spread beyond Tennessee state lines via franchise partnerships with experienced restaurateurs who shared the family’s commitment to quality and community. The first franchise opened in Little Rock in 1982. Still, recent years have seen massive nationwide expansion – now over 35 locations spread across the South and Midwest into states like Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, and even way north into New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Menu Highlights: More than Just Fried Chicken

The fried chicken put Gus Fried Chicken on the map and still draws legions of loyalists. But the full menu reads like a greatest hits of Southern cooking. All the classics appear – fried okra, greens, beans, slaw, potatoes, mac and cheese, biscuits, and cornbread. Surprisingly creative options also satisfy those craving something beyond bird – think fried pickles, green tomatoes, and squash fritter, rs. Given the Memphis roots, the restaurant also pays homage to classics from that famous barbecue town, with smoky ribs, chopped pork, and brisket.

Fried chicken (wings, breasts, thighs, legs, tenders): Gus Fried Chicken signature spicy and crispy fried chicken is available in all cuts and pieces, pressure-fried to perfection in cast-iron skillets.

Fried okra: Crispy, seasoned okra fritters are an iconic Southern specialty, served with Gus Fried Chicken special comeback sauce for dipping.
gus fried chicken
Collard greens: Slow-cooked collards with smoked ham hocks, perfect alongside Gus’s fried chicken and other Southern sides.
gus fried chicken
Baked beans: Sweet and tangy beans baked with signature spices and sauce ingredients, a Gus’s classic.
gus fried chicken
Coleslaw: Cool creamy slaw mixes sweet and savory for the perfect fried chicken pairing.
gus fried chicken
Mac and cheese: Outrageously rich and cheesy elbow mac, topped with crispy fried crust.
gus fried chicken
Cornbread: Moist, sweet cornbread with hints of corn and buttery crumb.
gus fried chicken
Biscuits: Flaky, soft, homemade buttermilk biscuits are ideal for soaking up fried chicken drippings.
gus fried chicken
Fried pickles: Crispy battered pickle chips join the menu as a beloved Southern staple fried appetizer/snack.
gus fried chicken
gus fried chicken

Community Involvement: Giving Back Locally

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken may now be a national brand, but the family and franchise owners remain intensely committed to local community support wherever restaurants shop. The Memphis flagship is not just a world-famous eatery but also sponsors regional events and athletics programs and assists charitable causes. Franchisees follow suit, engaging closely with schools, charities, and the assistance they operate. This locally-focused commitment to giving back is a value Wendy learned from her father that endures.

Customer Loyalty: Southern Hospitality Keeps Them Coming

Of course, people initially flock to Gus’s fried chicken for the spectacularly crisp and spicy signature bird. But the authentic hospitality that hearkens back to Gus’s early days as a small-town family restaurant keeps generations of patrons returning. Despite the massive expansion, franchise partners ensure locations retain that friendly mom-and-pop atmosphere steeped in authentic Southern charm. Staff go the extra mile learning regulars’ names and orders, ensuring every visitor feels like the guest of honor at the family table.

Awards and Recognition: Culinary Acclaim

Considering humble small-town roots, Gus’s has seen more than its share of honors over the past 50 years. Food critics consistently rank the chicken among America’s best – a crunchy, spicy fungi triumph. Food Network named it among the top 50 state chicken dishes. But the family takes the most incredible pride in 2021 when the global entrepreneur resource Inc. Magazine distinguished Gus as one of the fastest growing U.S. private companies – a real nod to the business pioneers Wendy and Charlie as custodians of her father’s legacy.

Atmosphere and Experience: Down-Home Southern Charm

From the first moment of walking through the doors at any Gus’s location, diners find themselves soaked in quaint down-home charm. The signature red-and-white checkered tablecloths and vintage tin advertisements immediately establish a warm, welcoming ambiance. Soulful Memphis blues flow from the jukebox as staff cruise around, greeting hungry patrons like old friends, reinforcing the hospitality that keeps loyalists returning. Custcruises ranging from tied-and-suited executives to college kids clink frosted craft beer mugs as Southerreturnings emerge from the kitchen, ready to dazzle taste buds and evoke nostalgic memories of family meals back home. At Gus’s, every guest becomes part of the family.

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